Chapter 13. L

L1 cache n.

A memory cache built into i486 and higher-level processors to help improve processing speed. The L1 cache, typically containing 8 KB, can be read in a single clock cycle, so it is tried first. The i486 contains one L1 cache; the Pentium contains two, one for code and one for data. Also called: level 1 cache, on-chip cache. See also cache n., i486DX n., Pentium n.. Compare L2 cache.

L2 cache n.

A memory cache consisting of static RAM on a motherboard that uses an i486 or higher-level processor. The L2 cache, which typically contains 128 KB to 1 MB, is faster than the system DRAM but slower than the L1 cache built into the CPU chip. Also called: level 2 cache. See also cache n., dynamic RAM n., i486DX n., static RAM n..

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