Chapter 5. Post-Installation System Settings


  • What to do after installing the Dynamics CRM Server and related components

  • Dynamics CRM and your organization's IT policies

  • Planning your organization's structure: Business units and security roles

After completing a successful installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or signing up for Dynamics CRM Online, a number of tasks should be completed before you begin to tailor the system to your business processes or setting up users.

In some cases, the tasks require only simple configuration, but in other cases, you should take the time to understand how your organization will use Dynamics CRM, carefully plan the way you will set the system up, and document the decisions you make for later reference. If installing Dynamics CRM is analogous to building a house, then the post-installation steps detailed in this chapter are analogous to moving in and preparing for visitors.

This chapter covers three broad post-installation topics:

  • Quick housekeeping steps

  • Considerations regarding your corporate IT policies and planned usage of Dynamics CRM

  • Planning and setting up your organization's structure and security


We have included a helpful planning tool on the companion Web site ( "Ch5_PlanningTool.xls" is a spreadsheet that will help you plan your business units, teams, users, security roles, and system settings. In addition, you can save this spreadsheet as documentation of your initial setup for future reference. ...

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