Chapter 27. XRM: Going Beyond Traditional CRM


  • What is XRM?

  • Why you should consider Dynamics CRM for your next LOB application

  • A walk-through of a complete XRM solution

  • Dynamics CRM for your next LOB application

XRM — it's a buzzword in the Dynamics CRM market that has been gaining ground for a few years now. Although the buzzword may be occasionally overused, the concept is unlocking incredible value and power for businesses in every industry across the globe.

This chapter defines XRM and its place in your business, explains some of the principal advantages that Dynamics CRM lends to XRM projects, and walks through a complete XRM solution from beginning to end, illustrating some of the ways that the concept can be applied.

Exploring XRM

XRM is not the name of a software product or even the exclusive domain of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But it is primarily Microsoft's Dynamics CRM product that is the driving force behind the XRM phenomenon.

What does XRM mean, and why is Dynamics CRM at its core? How will it benefit your organization? These are some of the questions we will address before jumping in to an example of XRM in action.

Defining XRM

The acronym itself has been variously described as the abbreviation for "eXtensible Relationship Management," "eXtended Relationship Management," or simply "Anything Relationship Management" with the X being represented with a small x indicating the reader can substitute anything for the first letter.

So what is XRM? Simply put, it is the ...

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