Review questions

Q.1. All NAV objects can contain C/AL code. True or False?

Q.2. What object type has a Wizard to "jump start" development?

  1. Page
  2. XMLport
  3. Table
  4. Report

Q.3. All C/AL Assignment statements include the symbol := . True or False?

Q.4. One setting defines how parameters are passed to functions, whether a parameter is passed by reference or by value. Choose that one setting's identity.

  1. DataType
  2. Subtype
  3. Var
  4. Value

Q.5. If an object type has a Wizard, we must start with the Wizard before proceeding to the object Designer form. True or False?

Q.6. C/AL code cannot be inserted into the RDLC generated by the SQL Server Report Builder (or Visual Studio Report Designer). True or False?

Q.7. When a table definition is changed, the "Force" option should always ...

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