Syntax. HOUR(serial_number)

Definition. This function extracts the hour from a serial number (a time with or without a date). The hour is returned as an integer from 0 through 23.


  • serial_number (required). A valid time (and a date, if applicable)

Background. With this function, as with the MINUTE() and SECOND() functions, you can extract a valid time to use its components for other calculations.

You can enter times as strings enclosed in quotation marks (as in “06:43”), as decimal numbers (as in 0.27986111 for 06:43), or as a result of other formulas and functions.

Example. If you want to extract the hours from a time value, you can use the formula


which returns 6 hours.

Here are some more examples:

  • =HOUR("07/13/2008 20:48") ...

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