Syntax. T.TEST(array1,array2,tails,type)

Definition. This function returns the test statistic of a Student’s t-test. Use TTEST() to check whether two samples are likely to have come from the same two populations that have the same mean.


  • array1 (required). The first data set.

  • array2 (required). The second data set.

  • tails (required). Specifies the number of distribution tails. If tails = 1, the T.TEST() function uses the one-tailed distribution. If tails = 2, the T.TEST() function uses the two-tailed distribution.

  • type (required). The type of t-test to perform:

    • If type equals 1, the test is paired.

    • If type equals 2, the two-sample equal variance (homoscedastic) test is performed.

    • If type equals 3, the two-sample unequal variance ...

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