Syntax. PPMT(Rate,Per,Nper,Pv,Fv,Type)

Definition. This function determines the part of an annuity that is used for the repayment of a loan that is repaid according to the principle of annuity repayment.


  • Rate (required) The nominal interest of the loan.

  • Per (required) The appropriate number for the desired period.

  • Nper (required) Specifies the total number of periods in which the loan is repaid.

  • Pv (required) Contains the loan amount.

  • Fv (optional) Evaluates loans that have not been fully repaid after the total number of periods. Such an effect might happen when mortgages are disbursed with a fixed interest period.

  • Type (optional) Specifies whether the payments become interest effective at the start of the periods (Type = 1) or at the ...

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