24. Using Slicers and Filtering a Pivot Table

Pivot table filters have been quietly evolving over the past several versions of Excel. Back in Excel 2003, you were able to select multiple items in the row labels filter. In Excel 2007, you could select multiple items in the page filter. Finally, in Excel 2010, you see the vision of where this work was leading. Excel 2010 pivot tables introduce a new visual filter called a slicer. Slicers allow you to perform ad-hoc analysis by choosing various items from various fields in the pivot table.

Filtering Using the Row Label Filter

Figure 24.1 shows a pivot table with two row fields. Drop-downs in cells A3 & B3 lead to the row filter menus.

Figure 24.1. Drop-downs in A3 & B3 lead to filters for Customer ...

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