Chapter 42. Summarizing data by using descriptive statistics

Questions answered in this chapter:

  • What defines a typical value for a data set?

  • How can I measure how much a data set spreads from its typical value?

  • Together, what do the mean and standard deviation of a data set tell me about the data?

  • How can I use descriptive statistics to compare data sets?

  • For a given data point, can I easily find its percentile ranking within the data set? For example, how can I find the ninetieth percentile of a data set?

  • How can I easily find the second largest or second smallest number in a data set?

  • How can I rank numbers in a data set?

  • What is the trimmed mean of a data set?

  • When I select a range of cells, is there an easy way to get a variety of statistics that ...

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