Chapter 43. Using PivotTables and slicers to describe data

Questions answered in this chapter:

  • What is a PivotTable?

  • How can I use a PivotTable to summarize grocery sales at several grocery stores?

  • What PivotTable layouts are available in Excel 2013?

  • Why is a PivotTable called a PivotTable?

  • How can I easily change the format in a PivotTable?

  • How can I collapse and expand fields?

  • How can I sort and filter PivotTable fields?

  • How can I summarize a PivotTable by using a PivotChart?

  • How can I use the Report Filter section of the PivotTable?

  • How do PivotTable slicers work?

  • How can I add blank rows or hide subtotals in a PivotTable?

  • How can I apply conditional formatting to a PivotTable?

  • How can I update my calculations when I add new data?

  • I work for a small travel ...

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