Important Exchange PowerShell commands
I mention the commands listed in this appendix somewhere in the book, so
they must be reasonably important. If youre missing a PowerShell command
that you think you need, check the PowerShell Community Extensions site
at http://www.codeplex.com/PowerShellCX/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx to
see all the commands that people have created and shared. You may find the
command of your dreams there!
B.1 Recipient management commands
Get-Command Query all of the shell commands available (including standard
Windows PowerShell commands)
Get-ExCommand Query all of the Exchange 2007 shell commands that are available.
Get-ExCommand *Connector* reports all of the shell commands
that mention “Connector” in their name
New-Mailbox Creates a new mailbox (see Chapter 4 for examples)
Set-Mailbox Sets properties on an existing mailbox
Get-Mailbox Retrieves properties of an existing mailbox
Get-Mailbox –id Redmond retrieves properties of Redmond’s mail-
Get-Mailbox –server ‘XYZ1’ retrieves all mailboxes on server XYZ1
Disable-Mailbox Disables a mailbox
Disable-Mailbox –id ‘Jane Smith
Remove-Mailbox Removes a mailbox and its Active Directory object
Remove-Mailbox –id ‘Jane Smith
988 B.1 Recipient management commands
Connect-Mailbox Reconnect a disconnected mailbox with an Active Directory
Connect-Mailbox –id ‘Smith, JP’ –User JPSmith
Restore-Mailbox Restore information from a mailbox in a database mounted in a
Recovery Storage Group.
Restore-Mailbox –Id ‘Redmond’-RSGDatabase ‘ExchMbxSvr1\
Recovery Storage Group\VIP Mailboxes
Get-MailboxStatistics Returns mailbox statistics for a server, database, or mailbox
Get-MailboxStatistics –id Redmond
Get-MailboxStatistics –Server ExchMbxSvr1
Get-MailboxStatistics –Database ‘VIP Mailboxes
Move-Mailbox Moves a mailbox to another database or server. You can pass the –
ConfigurationOnly parameter to update the mailbox information
in Active Directory without moving the mailbox contents.
Move-Mailbox –id Redmond –TargetDatabase ‘ExchMbxSvr3\VIP
Add-MailboxPermission Assign permission to a user over a mailbox. For example, to allow a
user to open another user’s mailbox
Get-MailboxPermission Retrieves details about permissions held over a mailbox
Set-MailboxCalendarSettings Set calendar properties on a room mailbox
Get-MailboxCalendarSettings Retrieves information about the calendar properties on a room
Get-MailboxCalendarSettings –id ‘Liffey Room
Set-ResourceConfig Set resource configuration on an equipment mailbox
Set-ResourceConfig –ResourcePropertySchema (“Room/TV”,
“Room/Concall”, “Room/Couch”, “Room/Whiteboard”, “Equip-
ment/VCR”, “Equipment/ComfortableChairs”)
Get-Recipient Returns a full set of properties for Active Directory recipient
Get-Recipient –RecipientType MailUniversalSecurityGroup
New-Mailcontact Creates a new mail-enabled contact
Get-Mailcontact Retrieves the properties of a mail-enabled contact
Get-MailContact –id Smith
Set-MailContact Sets properties on a mail-enabled contact
Set-MailContact –id Smith –UseMapiRichTextFormat Always
B.1 Recipient management commands 989
Appendix B
Remove-MailContact Deletes a mail-enabled contact
Remove-MailContact –id Smith
Enable-MailContact Mail-enables an existing Active Directory contact
Enable-MailContact –id ‘JFS’
–ExternalMailAddress ‘jfs@xyz.com
Disable-MailContact Disable a mail contact by removing the Exchange attributes. The
contact reverts to being a “normal” contact
Disable-MailContact –id ‘JFS’
New-DistributionGroup Creates a new distribution group
Set-DistributionGroup Sets properties on a distribution group
Set-Distribution Group –id ‘Senior Executives’ –ExpansionServer
Get-DistributionGroup Retrieves properties of a distribution group
Remove-DistributionGroup Deletes a distribution group
Remove-DistributionGroup –id ‘Senior Executives
Get-DistributionGroupMember Retrieves the membership of a distribution group
Get-DistributionGroupMember -id ‘Senior Executives
New-DynamicDistributionGroup Creates a new dynamic distribution group
Set-DynamicDistributionGroup Sets properties on a dynamic distribution group
Set-DynamicDistributionGroup –id ‘Irish Employees’ –
CustomAttribute1 ‘Important’
Get-DynamicDistributionGroup Retrieves properties of a dynamic distribution group
Get-DynamicDistributionGroup –id ‘Irish Employees’ | Format-
Deletes a dynamic distribution group
Remove-DynamicDistributionGroup –id ‘Company Users
Set-CasMailbox Sets properties of a mailbox for a Client Access Server
Set-CasMailbox –id Redmond
–ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy ‘Mobile Users’
Get-CasMailbox Retrieves properties of a mailbox from a Client Access server
Get-CasMailbox –id Redmond | Format-List
Export-Mailbox Exports the contents of a mailbox to another mailbox.
Export-Mailbox –id ‘Jane Smith’ –TargetMailbox ‘Legal Review’ –
TargetFolder ‘Reviews’

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