B.13 Testing Exchange 2007 1003
Appendix B
B.13 Testing Exchange 2007
Remove-User Delete an Active Directory account.
Remove-User –id Redmond
New-Group Create a new distribution or security group.
Get-Group Retrieve the properties of a distribution or security group.
Get-Group –id ‘Sales Executives’ | Format-List
Remove-Group Delete a distribution or security group
Remove-Group –id ‘Sales Executives’
Test-SystemHealth Test the overall system health for an Exchange 2007 server
Test-ServerHealth Test that all essential services are functioning properly on an
Exchange 2007 server
Test-ServerHealth –Server ExchMbxSvr1
Test-ExchangeSearch Test that Exchanges server-based content indexing is working
properly for a specific mailbox
Test-ExchangeSearch ‘James Bailey’
Test-MAPIConnectivity Test MAPI connectivity to a server
Test-MAPIConnectivity –Server ExchMbxSvr1
Test-POPConnectivity Test that POP3 clients can connect to a Client Access server
Test-PopConnectivity –ClientAccessServer ExchCAS1 –Mailbox-
Credential(Get-Credential XYZ\Redmond)
Test-IMAPConnectivity Test that IMAP4 clients can connect to a Client Access Server
Test-IMAPConnectivity –ClientAccessServer ExchCAS1 –Mail-
boxCredential(Get-Credential XYZ\Redmond)
Test-OWAConnectivity Test that a client can use Outlook Web Access to connect to a mail-
Test-OWAConnectivity –MailboxCredential(Get-Credential Xyz\
Redmond) –MailboxServer ExchMbxSrv1
Test-UMConnectivity Test that you can connect to a Unified Messaging server
Test that Outlook Anywhere connections function properly.
Test-MailFlow Test that the transport service can send a message to a target desti-
Test-MailFlow –TargetEmailAddress Tony.Redmond@xyz1.com

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