580 6.13 Routing onwards
Set-RemoteDomain ‘ABC1’ –AutoReplyEnabled:$True
6.13 Routing onwards
The story is coming together—we know how to store and how to route mes-
sages and weve touched on how messages are generated by clients. Some
Exchange administrators take the view that they dont have to worry about
clients because clients are deployed and managed by departments with names
like “End User Computing.” While this is true, it’s also true that if you dont
know how messages are generated for an email server, you cannot know how
to effectively manage that server to realize its full potential. As we move into
an era where users expect always-available, always-connected access to their
data from a myriad of clients, its also clear that Exchange administrators
need to understand how clients from web browsers to SmartPhones to Out-
look interact with Exchange servers, so lets move on to Chapter 7.

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