Microsoft® Expression® Web 2 Step by Step

Book description

The smart way to learn Expression Web 2 one step at a time! Work at your own pace through the easy numbered steps, hands-on exercises, and practice files on CD and master the fundamentals of creating effective Web sites. You ll work with advanced design technologies and discover the powerful and easy-to-use Web design experience that Expression Web 2 delivers. Teach yourself how to create professional-looking Web pages, work with powerful design tools and task panes, and incorporate support for XML, Microsoft ASP.NET, and XHTML. You ll also learn how to build templates, work with sophisticated cascading style sheets and other design features that help you to precisely control your work, and take advantage of built-in support for today s Web standards. With STEP BY STEP, you can take just the lessons you need or work from cover to cover. Either way, you drive the instruction, building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! Includes an easy-search companion CD with files for practicing the book s lessons, a complete eBook, and more!
Key Book Benefits

Covers the fundamentals for building dynamic, interactive pages that meet today s Web standards Features easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on skill-building exercises Includes an easy-search companion CD with practice files, a complete eBook, and other resources

Table of contents

  1. Microsoft® Expression® Web 2 Step by Step
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    2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
    3. Your All-in-One Resource
    4. Introducing Expression Web 2
      1. Upgrading from FrontPage
      2. What’s New in Expression Web 2
    5. Information for Readers Running Windows XP
      1. Managing the Practice Files
      2. Using the Start Menu
      3. Navigating Dialog Boxes
    6. Features and Conventions of This Book
    7. Using the Companion CD
      1. What’s on the CD?
      2. Minimum System Requirements
        1. Step-by-Step Exercises
      3. Installing the Practice Files
      4. Using the Practice Files
      5. Removing the Practice Files
    8. Getting Help
      1. Getting Help with This Book and Its CD
      2. Getting Help with Expression Web 2
    9. 1. Understanding How Expression Web 2 Works
      1. Exploring and Customizing the User Interface
      2. Opening an Existing Site
      3. Displaying Different Views of a Site
      4. Exploring an Individual Web Page
      5. Understanding Basic Expression Web 2 Concepts
      6. Key Points
    10. 2. Moving from FrontPage to Expression Web 2
      1. Understanding the Differences Between Expression Web 2 and FrontPage
      2. Publishing a Backup Copy of a Site
      3. Managing FrontPage Sites by Using Expression Web 2
        1. Changing Shared Border Content
        2. Adding a Page
      4. Using the Include Page Feature
      5. Converting FrontPage Sites to Expression Web 2
      6. Key Points
    11. 3. Becoming Familiar with Modern Web Site Standards
      1. Verifying and Addressing W3C Validity
      2. Verifying and Addressing Accessibility
      3. Using Cascading Style Sheets
      4. Choosing and Using the Right DOCTYPE
      5. Verifying and Improving Cross-Browser Rendering
      6. Key Points
    12. 4. Presenting Information on a Web Page
      1. Using Tables Properly
      2. Using Lists to Group Information
      3. Using Semantic Markup
      4. Styling the Presentation of Your Content
      5. Running CSS Reports
      6. Key Points
    13. 5. Enhancing a Web Site with Images
      1. Adding Images to a Web Page
      2. Editing Images in Expression Web 2
      3. Importing Photoshop Files into a Web Site
      4. Using Images with a Style Sheet
      5. Using Images as Backgrounds
      6. Using Images as Bullets
      7. Using Images as Hyperlink Backgrounds
      8. Key Points
    14. 6. Creating a Web Site from a Template
      1. Creating a Template-Based Site
      2. Organizing Web Site Pages
      3. Modifying a Site’s Dynamic Web Template
      4. Modifying a Site’s Cascading Style Sheets
      5. Key Points
    15. 7. Creating a Web Site from Scratch
      1. Creating an Empty Site
      2. Importing and Using Graphics and Templates
      3. Creating a Dynamic Web Template
      4. Creating Content Pages
      5. Organizing Your Site
      6. Key Points
    16. 8. Taking It to the Next Level
      1. Using Interactive Buttons
      2. Inserting Flash Files, Windows Media Video Files, and Silverlight Applications into a Site
        1. Inserting an Adobe Flash File
        2. Inserting a Windows Media Video
        3. Inserting a Silverlight Application
      3. Using Layers and Behaviors
      4. Using Personal Web Packages
      5. Creating and Using Forms
      6. Key Points
    17. 9. Publishing a Web Site
      1. Considering Hosting Requirements
      2. Finding and Registering a Domain Name
      3. Using Microsoft Office Live Small Business
      4. Publishing by Using FTP
      5. Publishing by Using HTTP (FrontPage Server Extensions)
      6. Publishing to a Disk Location
      7. Key Points
    18. 10. Managing a Web Site
      1. Backing Up Server-Based Sites
      2. Editing Server-Based Sites
      3. Using Site Settings
      4. Publishing Selectively
      5. Using Subsites
      6. Key Points
    19. 11. Using ASP.NET Features
      1. Using ASP.NET Master Pages
      2. Using Site-Navigation Controls
      3. Using the AdRotator Control
      4. Linking to Data Sources and Using Data Controls
      5. Additional Resources
      6. Key Points
    20. 12. Using PHP Features
      1. Setting Up PHP
      2. Creating a PHP Page
      3. Converting an HTML Page to PHP
      4. Using PHP Includes in Expression Web 2
      5. Using PHP Functions and Variables
      6. Additional Resources
      7. Key Points
    21. Glossary
    22. A. About the Author
      1. Dedication
    23. B. Choose the Right Book for You
      1. Resources from Microsoft Press
        1. Plain & Simple
        2. Step by Step
        3. Inside Out
        4. Other Titles
    24. Index
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Product information

  • Title: Microsoft® Expression® Web 2 Step by Step
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2008
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735626119