Chapter 6. Migrating to TMG

  • General Considerations 87

  • Scenarios 90

  • Example Checklists 96

  • Example Migration from ISA 2006 SE to TMG 2010 EE Forward Proxy Scenario 99

  • Summary 105

As with any change in network services, a plan that guides you through the migration process must be created and vetted before any changes can actually take place. The TMG product team placed a high priority on making this process as smooth and logical as possible. This chapter will help guide you through your deployment migration planning.

General Considerations

Anyone who has made the change from Proxy 2 to ISA 2000, from ISA 2000 to ISA 2004, or from ISA 2004 to ISA 2006 can probably regale you with tales of incomplete tools, failed results, and a general dislike for the overall ...

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