Within Visual Studio, create a new class called Node in the Content folder. This class acts as our breadcrumb, which is essentially a wrapper around SpatialAnchor. To gain access to SpatialAnchor, we must import the following namespace: Windows.Perception.Spatial. Copy the following snippet to the newly created Node class:

internal class Node{  static int NodeID = 0;  public string Name { get; private set; }  public Vector3 Position { get; set; }  public Vector3 Forward { get; set; }  public long Timestamp { get; set; }  public SpatialAnchor Anchor { get; set; }  public Node(Spatial​Anchor anchor, Vector3 position, Vector3 forward)   {    Name = $"Node_{++Node.NodeID}";    Anchor = anchor;    Position = position;    Forward = forward; Timestamp = Utils.GetCurrentUnixTimestampMillis(); ...

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