As we did before, create a new class called Edge in the Content folder of the AssistantItemFinder project. Within the new class open, add the namespace System.Numerics to get access to some of the extended Math types, such as Vector3, and make the following amendments:

internal class Edge{public Node NodeA { get; set; }public Node NodeB { get; set; }public Vector3 Direction{get{if (NodeA.Anchor == NodeB.Anchor){ return Vector3.Normalize(NodeB.Position - NodeA.Position);}else{var nodeBToBTrans =  NodeB.Anchor.CoordinateSystem.TryGetTransformTo(NodeA.Anchor.Coordinat eSystem);if (nodeBToBTrans.HasValue){var nodeBPosition = Vector3.Transform(NodeB.Position,  nodeBToBTrans.Value);return Vector3.Normalize(nodeBPosition - NodeA.Position); ...

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