Leaving a trail

Start by adding the following namespaces to the AssistantItemFinderMain class: System.Numerics, Windows.Perception, and AssistantItemFinder.Content as well as adding the following variables and properties: 

const float EntityOffsetY = -1.0f;const float NodeRadius = 0.8f; private Node currentNode = null;private Vector3 currentNodePosition = Vector3.Zero; private Vector3 currentGazeForward = Vector3.Zero;private Vector3 currentGazeRight = Vector3.Zero;private double dwellTimeAtCurrentNode = 0f; private List<Node> nodes = new List<Node>();private List<Edge> edges = new List<Edge>(); private List<Entity> entities = new List<Entity>();private Renderer nodeRenderer;public Node CurrentNode{get{lock (this){return currentNode;}}set{ ...

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