Connecting to BlenderLIVE

We will communicate with the BlenderLIVE service using the BlenderServiceManager class via the SceneManager class. So, jump into the SceneManager script, which you can quickly locate by entering SceneManager into the search field of the Project panel. Once it's visible, double-click it to open it in Visual Studio.  

Once opened, navigate to the Start method and make the following amendments: 

void Start (){  BlenderServiceManager.Instance.OnBlenderServiceStateChanged +=     BSM_OnBlenderServiceStateChanged;  BlenderServiceManager.Instance.OnBlenderGameObjectCreated +=    BSM_OnBlenderGameObjectCreated;  BlenderServiceManager.Instance.OnBlenderGameObjectUpdated +=   BSM_OnBlenderGameObjectUpdated; BlenderServiceManager.Instance.OnBlenderGameObjectDestoryed ...

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