Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Unleashed with Azure Stack and Azure

Book description

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Unleashed brings together comprehensive and practical insights into hybrid cloud technologies, complete CloudOps and DevOps implementation strategies, and detailed guidance for deploying Microsoft Azure Stack in your environment.

Written by five Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVPs, this book is built on real-world scenarios and the authors’ extraordinary hands-on experiences as early adopters. Step by step, the authors help you integrate your optimal mix of private and public cloud, with a unified management experience that lets you move workloads at will, achieving unprecedented flexibility.

The authors also guide you through all aspects of building your own secure, high-performance hybrid cloud infrastructure. You’ll discover how Azure Stack enables you to run data centers with the same scalability, redundancy, and reliability as Microsoft’s Azure data centers; how to integrate Azure infrastructure and platform services with internal operations; and how to manage crucial external dependencies. The book concludes with a deep dive into automating and customizing Azure Stack for maximum reliability, productivity, and cost savings.

Detailed information on how to

  • Run a private/hybrid cloud on your hardware in your data center, using APIs and code identical to public Azure
  • Apply ITIL and DevOps lifecycles to your hybrid cloud implementation
  • Gain a deep understanding of Azure Stack architecture, components, and internals
  • Install and configure Azure Stack and master the Azure Stack Portal
  • Integrate and utilize infrastructure, core, and custom resource providers
  • Effectively provision, secure, and manage tenants
  • Manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and back up Azure Stack with CloudOps
  • Automate resource provisioning with PowerShell, the Azure CLI, templates, and Azure Stack’s API
  • Write your own Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Centrally automate cloud management and complex tasks connected to external systems
  • Develop customized, production-ready Azure Stack marketplace items

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. About the Contributing Author
  8. Dedication
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Foreword by Daniel Savage
  11. We Want to Hear from You!
  12. Reader Services
  13. Introduction
    1. Part I: Introducing Hybrid Cloud
    2. Part II: Deploying Azure Stack
    3. Part III: Managing Azure Stack
    4. Part IV: Automating Azure Stack
    5. Part V: Appendixes
    6. Disclaimers and Fine Print
  14. Part I Introducing Hybrid Cloud
    1. 1 Introducing Cloud Computing
      1. Dissecting the Cloud
        1. Characteristics of the Cloud
        2. Exploring Cloud Computing Types
        3. Common Cloud Service Models
      2. Cloud Successes and Failures
      3. Understanding the Public Cloud Marketplace
      4. Diving into Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud
        1. Visiting the History of Azure
        2. Differences between Azure Stack and Azure
        3. About Azure Stack and Hyper-Convergence
        4. Applying Azure Stack to the Enterprise
      5. Strategies for Hybrid Cloud
      6. Summary
    2. 2 Applying ITIL and DevOps to Hybrid Cloud
      1. Managing the Cloud
      2. ITIL Lifecycle and the Cloud
        1. Bringing the Cloud into Service Strategy
        2. Integrating Service Design and Cloud
        3. Utilizing Service Transition with the Cloud
        4. Maintaining Service Operation with Cloud
        5. Enhancing Cloud with Continual Service Improvement
      3. DevOps Lifecycle and the Cloud
        1. Promoting Organizational Change
        2. The Importance of Becoming Agile and Lean
        3. Offering Centralized Control
        4. Providing Rollback
        5. Promoting Security
        6. Utilizing Proactive Monitoring
      4. DevOps + Azure and Azure Stack
        1. Value of Using Azure and Azure Stack with DevOps
        2. Measuring the Benefit of Hybrid Cloud
      5. ITIL and DevOps: Better Together
        1. Creating a Best of Breed Hybrid Cloud Solution
        2. Mapping Application Lifecycle Management/DevOps to ITIL
      6. Summary
  15. Part II Deploying Azure Stack
    1. 3 Azure Stack Architecture
      1. Overview of Azure Stack Integrated System
      2. Azure Stack Architecture Overview
        1. Defining an Installation or Instance of Azure Stack
        2. Designing an Azure Stack Scale Unit
      3. Azure Stack Internals
        1. Hardware Management in Azure Stack
        2. Azure Stack Compute Overview
        3. Azure Stack Storage Overview
        4. Azure Stack Networking Overview
      4. Planning an Azure Stack Deployment
      5. Data Center Integration
      6. Summary
    2. 4 Installing and Configuring Azure Stack
      1. Installing Azure Stack
        1. Azure Stack Development Kit Hardware Requirements
        2. Installing Azure Stack Development Kit
        3. Installing Azure Stack in a Production Environment
      2. Configuring Azure Stack
        1. Types of Azure Stack Administrators
        2. Using the Azure Stack Portal
        3. Authenticating in Azure Stack
        4. Securing Azure Stack
        5. Key Vault
        6. Site-to-Site VPN in Azure Stack
        7. Azure Stack Marketplace
        8. Creating and Publishing Marketplace Items
        9. Creating and Adding Custom VM Images
      3. Summary
    3. 5 Using Resource Providers
      1. Infrastructure as Code in Azure Stack
        1. Azure Resource Manager Functionality
        2. Key Terminology in Azure Resource Manager
        3. Definition of a Resource Provider
      2. Infrastructure Resource Providers
        1. Fabric Resource Provider (FRP)
        2. Health Resource Provider (HRP)
        3. Update Resource Provider (URP)
      3. Foundational Resource Providers
        1. Compute Resource Provider (CRP)
        2. Storage Resource Provider (SRP)
        3. Network Resource Provider (NRP)
      4. Exploring PaaS Resource Providers
        1. Exploring the SQL Resource Provider
        2. MySQL Resource Provider
        3. App Service Resource Provider
      5. Deploying PaaS Resource Providers
        1. Deploying the SQL Resource Provider
        2. Deploying the MySQL Resource Provider
        3. Deploying the App Service Resource Provider
      6. API Integration
      7. Summary
  16. Part III Managing Azure Stack
    1. 6 Azure Stack Tenant Configuration and Capabilities
      1. Using Plans, Offers, and Subscriptions
        1. Using Plans with Azure Stack Services
        2. Using Offers in Azure Stack
        3. Making Offers Public
        4. Using Azure Stack Subscriptions
      2. Working with Quotas
      3. Adding Tenants
      4. Signing up for an Add-on Plan
      5. Using Tenant Role-Based Access Control
        1. Subscription Level Layer
        2. Resource Group Level Layer
        3. Resource Level Layer
        4. Assigning Roles in Azure Stack
      6. Using the Delegated Provider Role
        1. Service Administrator
        2. Delegated Provider
        3. Tenant Administrator
        4. Creating a Delegated Provider Offer
      7. Working with Azure Resource Manager Policies
        1. Example of Policy to Enforce Naming Conventions
        2. Example of Policy to Enforce Deployment only in Certain Regions
      8. Summary
    2. 7 Managing Azure Stack with CloudOps
      1. CloudOps Explained
      2. Region Management in Azure Stack
        1. Using the Region Management Tile
        2. Azure Stack Tools: Infrastructure Module
        3. Using the Health Resource Provider
        4. Exploring the Update Resource Provider
      3. Monitoring Azure Stack Fabric with System Center Operations Manager
        1. Microsoft Azure Stack Alerts Synchronization Rule (Azure Stack to Operations Manager)
        2. Microsoft Azure Stack Alerts Synchronization Rule (Operations Manager to Azure Stack)
      4. Diagnostics in Azure Stack
        1. Trace Collector
        2. Exploring the Log Collection Tool
      5. Backing Up Azure Stack
      6. ITSM Integration with Azure Stack
      7. Summary
  17. Part IV Automating Azure Stack
    1. 8 Provisioning Resources and Scripting
      1. Connecting to Azure Stack Development Kit
        1. Connecting with Remote Desktop
        2. Connecting with VPN
      2. Using Azure Stack PowerShell
        1. Installing Azure Stack PowerShell
        2. Connecting to Azure Stack using PowerShell
      3. Using Azure CLI
        1. Installing Azure CLI
        2. Connecting to Azure Stack using Azure CLI
      4. Provisioning Resources and ARM Templates
        1. Provisioning Resources using the Portal
        2. Provisioning Resources using PowerShell
        3. Provisioning Resources using Azure CLI
      5. Using ARM Templates
        1. Deploying ARM Templates using the Portal
        2. Deploying ARM Templates using PowerShell
        3. Deploying ARM Templates using Azure CLI
        4. Deploying Templates using Visual Studio
      6. Using the Azure Stack API
      7. Summary
    2. 9 Using ARM Templates in Hybrid Cloud
      1. Introducing ARM Templates
        1. Using ARM with an ERP Application
        2. Using ARM for High Availability
      2. Authoring ARM Templates
        1. Planning a Template
        2. ARM Template Formats
      3. ARM Template Elements
        1. Using Parameters in Templates
        2. Using Variables in Templates
        3. Using Resources in Templates
        4. Using Functions in Templates
        5. Using Outputs in Templates
        6. Using Nested Templates
      4. Authoring Templates in Visual Studio
        1. Starting an ARM Template Project in Visual Studio
        2. Adding a Storage Account
        3. Adding a Virtual Network
        4. Adding a Virtual Machine Resource
        5. Adding a Public IP Address
      5. Authoring Templates in Visual Studio Code
      6. Reusing Templates between Azure Stack and Public Azure
        1. Retrieving Available Resource Providers and Versions
        2. Automatically Using the Correct Storage URL
      7. Using VM Extensions in ARM Templates
        1. Using a VM Extension in PowerShell and ARM (BGInfo)
        2. Using the PowerShell DSC Extension
        3. Using Custom Script Extensions
      8. Summary
    3. 10 Automating Your Hybrid Cloud
      1. Options for Automation in the Hybrid Cloud
      2. Azure and OMS Automation
        1. Runbooks and Runbook Development
        2. Implementing and Using Assets
        3. Development using the Azure Automation Authoring Toolkit PowerShell ISE Add-on
        4. Using Graphical Runbooks
        5. Incorporating Schedules
        6. Using the Hybrid Worker
        7. Using Webhooks
        8. Using the Automation DSC Pull Server Service
      3. Integrating Azure/Azure Stack with Azure Automation
        1. Installing the OMS Agent on VM in ARM Template using MMA Extension
        2. Enabling a Hybrid Worker in ARM Template ARM DSC Extension
        3. Installing the OMS Service Map Agent on VM in ARM Template using DSC Extension
      4. Summary
    4. 11 Customizing Azure Stack
      1. Performing Conditional Deployments in ARM Templates
      2. Preparing the Template and Artifacts
        1. Preparing Folders and Linked Templates
        2. Preparing and Uploading Artifacts to Storage Account
        3. Setting up the Artifact Location in the ARM Template
        4. Modifying Parameters to Support the GUI
        5. Adding Conditional Deployment Switches to the ARM Template
        6. Testing the ARM Template
      3. Defining and Testing the GUI Wizard
        1. Authoring the CreateUIDefinition File
        2. Testing the Wizard
      4. Authoring the Marketplace Item Resources and Metadata
        1. Adding Marketplace Item Resources
        2. Adding Images
        3. Authoring the UIDefinition File
        4. Authoring the Manifest File
      5. Packaging the Marketplace Item
      6. Publishing the Marketplace Item to Azure Stack
      7. Deploying the Marketplace Item
      8. Summary
  18. Part V Appendixes
    1. A Glossary
      1. Glossary of Terms
      2. Additional Information
    2. B Reference URLs
      1. General Resources
      2. Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud Resources
      3. Other Hybrid Cloud Resources
      4. Blogs
      5. Public Forums
      6. Utilities
    3. C Available Online
      1. Configuring an Azure Stack Tenant
      2. Provisioning Resources and Scripting
      3. Using ARM Templates in Hybrid Cloud
      4. Automating Your Hybrid Cloud
      5. Customizing Azure Stack
      6. Live Links
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Unleashed with Azure Stack and Azure
  • Author(s): Kerrie Meyler, Steve Buchanan, Mark Scholman, Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen, Janaka Rangama
  • Release date: December 2017
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 9780134301976