Abbreviation for id est, meaning “that is.” Do not use. Use that is instead.


Obsolete term. Use 32-bit or x86 instead. See also Intel-based, Itanium-based.


Do not use IA64 as a synonym for 64-bit, x64, or amd64.

IA64 is an architecture that is used for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 only, and will not be available in the next version of Windows. It is all right to use Itanium-based instead. See also Intel-based, Itanium-based.


Capitalize and hyphenate as shown. Do not refer to the I-beam pointer except when necessary to describe how the pointer’s shape affects its function. For example, say “When you click text, the pointer looks like an I-beam.”


Use only to describe a graphic representation of ...

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