Microsoft® .NET Kick Start

Book description

'Microsoft .NET Kick Start' answers the essential questions ¿What is .NET?¿ and ¿What can .NET do for me?¿ from the developer¿s perspective. Expert author Hitesh Seth explains the .NET platform¿its core components, development tools, and programming model¿so you¿ll be ready to build professional .NET applications in no time. 'Microsoft .NET Kick Start' puts .NET into perspective, explaining how .NET differs from other development platforms. You¿ll learn about the consistent .NET programming model for Web, desktop, wireless, and speech applications. You¿ll also see how .NET is tightly integrated with XML and Web service technologies and standards. Hitesh Seth¿s insights and tips, along with dozens of practical examples that you can put to use immediately, will have you up and running at full speed in nothing flat. In this book, you'll: - Program with Visual Studio .NET and your choice of language including C#, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual J#, and more - Understand the Common Language Runtime (CLR) - Work with the .NET Framework class library - Develop .NET Windows desktop applications, Web applications, Web services, wireless applications, and speech applications - Integrate and interoperate with existing COM and Win32 applications - Incorporate the Windows Server System into .NET, including SharePoint Portal Server and BizTalk Server - Leverage Microsoft Office System 2003 applications with .NET applications - Learn best practices for .NET application development with blueprints and case studies

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. We Want to Hear from You!
  5. Introduction
  6. Putting .NET in Perspective
    1. Why .NET?
    2. What Is .NET?
    3. In Brief
  7. Understanding the Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    1. Reviewing Managed Code
    2. Inspecting the CLR
    3. What About Metadata?
    4. Using Assemblies
    5. Understanding the Common Type System (CTS)
    6. Understanding Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)
    7. In Brief
  8. Programming with .NET
    1. Introduction
    2. C#
    3. Visual Basic .NET
    4. Visual J#
    5. Managed C++
    6. Other .NET Programming Languages
    7. Interoperating with Different Programming Languages
    8. In Brief
  9. Using the .NET Class Library
    1. Introduction
    2. Using System Classes
    3. Working with Collections
    4. Working with Input/Output Streams
    5. Introspecting Types Using Reflection
    6. Using Regular Expressions
    7. Creating Multithreaded Applications
    8. Networking
    9. Working XML Data
    10. Database Connectivity with ADO.NET
    11. Developing Distributed Applications Using .NET Remoting
    12. Using COM+ Enterprise Services
    13. Message Queuing
    14. In Brief
  10. Getting Started with Visual Studio .NET: Tools for Developing .NET Applications
    1. Introducing Visual Studio .NET 2003
    2. Getting Started with Visual Studio .NET
    3. Creating Console Applications
    4. Creating Windows Forms Applications
    5. Creating Web Applications
    6. Creating Web Services
    7. Creating Smart Device Applications
    8. Creating Mobile ASP.NET Applications
    9. Other Visual Studio .NET Projects
    10. Using Third-party Programming Languages
    11. Debugging Applications
    12. Developing Installers
    13. Modeling .NET Applications
    14. Team Development with Built-in Source Control
    15. In Brief
  11. Using Third-Party Tools
    1. Why Use Third-Party Tools?
    2. Altova xmlspy
    3. Borland Together Edition for Visual Studio .NET
    4. Borland C# Builder
    5. Compuware DevPartner Studio
    6. InstallShield DevStudio
    7. NAnt
    8. Rational XDE Developer .NET Edition
    9. Wise for Visual Studio .NET
    10. In Brief
  12. Developing Windows Applications Using Windows Forms
    1. Introducing Windows Forms
    2. Developing Your First Windows Forms Application
    3. Using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
    4. Using Windows Forms Controls
    5. Data Binding
    6. Using Menus
    7. Creating User Controls
    8. Creating MDI Applications
    9. In Brief
  13. Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET
    1. Introducing ASP.NET
    2. Your First Web Forms Application
    3. Using ASP.NET HTML Controls
    4. Using ASP.NET Web Server Controls
    5. Using XML and XSL
    6. Binding Data to Controls
    7. Validating Input Using Validation Controls
    8. Developing User Controls
    9. Mobile Controls
    10. ASP.NET Configuration Settings (web.config)
    11. Using Tools to Develop ASP.NET Applications
    12. In Brief
  14. Developing Web Services
    1. Defining Web Services
    2. Why Develop Web Services?
    3. Web Services and Microsoft .NET
    4. Creating Your First .NET Web Service
    5. .NET Web Services Programming Language Support
    6. Using Visual Studio .NET
    7. Creating Complex Web Services
    8. Integrating Data
    9. Understanding Web Services Standards Stack
    10. Publishing Web Services
    11. Transactional Web Services
    12. Asynchronous Web Services
    13. Web Services Enhancements for .NET
    14. In Brief
  15. Take .NET with You: Developing Mobile Applications
    1. Introduction
    2. Developing Smart Device Applications Using .NET Compact Framework
    3. Developing Mobile Web Applications
    4. Developing Telephony/Speech Applications
    5. In Brief
  16. Interoperability
    1. Calling COM Objects from .NET
    2. Calling .NET Components from COM
    3. Platform Invocation Services
    4. Using Web Services for Interoperability
    5. In Brief
  17. Programming Office System 2003 with .NET
    1. What Is Office System 2003?
    2. XML Support in Office System 2003
    3. Introducing Microsoft InfoPath 2003
    4. Programming Office Applications Using Visual Studio for the Microsoft Office System 2003
    5. Developing a New Office 2003 Research Library
    6. In Brief
  18. Leveraging Windows Server System with .NET
    1. Introducing Windows Server System
    2. Developing Portals with Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003
    3. Integrating Business Processes with BizTalk Server 2004
    4. In Brief
  19. Security
    1. What Is Involved in Securing Applications?
    2. Deploying Applications Effortlessly Using Zero-Install Application Deployment
    3. Using Code Access Security
    4. Obfuscating .NET Applications
    5. In Brief
  20. Blueprints for .NET Applications
    1. What Are Application Blueprints?
    2. .NET Pet Shop
    3. Nile
    4. Duwamish Books
    5. FM Stocks
    6. Cold Storage
    7. Others
    8. Microsoft Patterns and Practices
    9. In Brief
  21. Looking Forward: What's Next?
    1. Introduction
    2. Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) Rotor
    3. .NET on Other Platforms
    4. SQL Server Yukon Release
    5. Visual Studio .NET Whidbey
    6. Windows Longhorn
    7. Visual Studio .NET Orcas
    8. In Brief
  22. Index

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft® .NET Kick Start
  • Author(s): Hitesh Seth
  • Release date: December 2003
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 0672325748