Chapter 4. Finding Help with Office 2008


  • Making use of the Office Help system

  • Searching for help on Office commands, tools, and features

  • Using the Office Reference tools to find help with words and research tasks

Have you ever bought a new gadget that came with an instruction sheet? Did you stop and read the instructions, or did you just plow right in and start using the new gadget? What about those assembly-required gadgets? Did you read the instructions then? Truth is, nobody likes reading the instructions, yet they're often very important in learning how to assemble and use the gadget. Most of the time, we only turn to the instructions when we get into trouble.

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac also comes with some instructions, called the Help system, and like an instruction sheet, they're relatively brief, not much fun to read, and often lack detail. However, they can help you learn to use the programs, especially when you find yourself in a jam. Granted, they'll never be as good as a handy book like this one, but they'll do in a pinch.

In this chapter, you learn a few things about finding help with Office 2008. Whether you want to look up a feature or learn how to apply a command or you need some assistance with a current task you're trying to perform, you can tap into the Help features for some able assistance. This chapter shows you how. You also might find yourself needing help with words or research from time to time. There's a special type of help you can employ ...

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