Chapter 22. Fine-tuning a Presentation


  • Rearranging slides in Slide Sorter view

  • Adding transitions to slides

  • Adding animation effects

  • Customizing animations

  • Adding action buttons

  • Adding soundtracks

  • Recording narration

  • Rehearsing your show

You've worked hard assembling a presentation, adding slide content, and formatting your slides. While you certainly can give your presentation as is, you also can do more. You can fine-tune a presentation by adding transition effects, animation effects, and sound or music. Consider these elements the icing on the presentation cake, so to speak. You can polish a presentation by adding special effects, such as making bullet points fly in one at a time, setting time lengths for each slide to appear onscreen, and recording narration to accompany a presentation. Just between us, this is where the real fun begins for assembling a presentation—controlling how slides progress from one to the next and assigning animations to make your slide elements interesting and eye-catching.

In this chapter, you learn how to work with slide transitions, rearrange slides in Slide Sorter view, add animation effects, add sound or narration, and use action buttons. You also learn how to rehearse the timings for the show. The end result of these techniques is a presentation that's professional, enjoyable to watch, and successful in conveying your message to an audience in meaningful ways.

Rearranging Slides

You can increase or decrease the number of slides shown on a ...

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