Chapter 25. E-mailing with Entourage


  • Adding another e-mail account with Setup Assistant

  • Learning your way around the Inbox

  • Receiving and sending e-mail

  • Managing messages and file attachments

  • Adding contacts to your Address Book

  • Working with newsgroups

You can use Entourage to communicate electronically with the world at large, whether your world is a group of friends and family, a corporate network of colleagues, underlings, and bosses, or just the Internet as a whole. If you're like most computer users today, e-mailing is an essential, nay, a crucial part of your daily technology experience. For many of us, a day without e-mail is like a day without sunshine, or a day without breathing, or a day without... well, you get the picture. For many of us, e-mail is vitally important.

You can use the e-mail feature in Entourage to send and receive e-mail and file attachments, read newsgroups, organize contacts, and more. In this chapter, you learn how to set up an e-mail account, send and receive messages, build your contacts list in the form of an Address Book, filter out junk e-mail, juggle attachments, and view newsgroups. As you can see, lots of components are packed into Entourage, so let's not waste any more time out here in the chapter lobby. Let's start e-mailing!

Setting Up an E-mail Account

As you discovered in Chapter 24, the very first time you use Entourage, a Setup Assistant appears to help you set up your e-mail accounts. If you have already stepped through the process, ...

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