Chapter 26. Organizing Your Calendar


  • Working with Calendar views

  • Adding appointments and all-day events

  • Editing events

  • Assigning categories

  • Dealing with reminders

  • Importing holidays

  • Juggling invitations

  • Printing your schedule

Like all busy people, your daily routine probably involves looking at a calendar of some sort, glancing at what your schedule holds for the day, and if you're really lucky, realizing it's your day off. Whether your calendar is on the wall, on your desk, in your personal organizer, or in your purse or briefcase, chances are good that you glance at it regularly. If you're reading this book, then you probably glance at your computer quite frequently as well. So why not combine the two and put your calendar on your computer? What—worried about computer crashes? I have one word for you, my friend—backups. Seriously, why not utilize your computer to keep track of your daily activities? It's easy, painless, and can even remind you about places you need to go, people you need to see, and things you need to do.

The Entourage Calendar tool can help automate how you record appointments and events, making recurring appointments a breeze. It can prompt you when an appointment approaches, making sure you don't forget it, and it can send e-mail invitations about the appointment to other people you're meeting with. In this chapter, you learn how to use the Entourage Calendar feature to keep track of your daily life, schedule and edit appointments and special events. ...

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