Chapter 27. Tracking Tasks, Notes, and Projects


  • Managing tasks

  • Using To Do lists

  • Creating notes

  • Printing tasks and notes

  • Using the Project Center

  • Working with My Day

Just how organized are you? Do people stop by your cubicle in awe of the neatness and efficiency, or do they step around your cubicle to avoid the heaping piles of stuff spilling out of your space? If you want to find something in your desk at home, will it take seconds to locate it, or will you spend at least a half-hour moving stuff around trying to find it? When it comes to tasks, notes, and projects, are you renowned for your organizational skills, or do you struggle to manage your bits of papers, sticky notes, and important items you've written down in marker on your own hand? Whether you're messy or neat, organized or disorganized, both types of people will find plenty to like about the Tasks, Notes, and Project Center tools in Entourage. Each of these tools can help you manage the things you need to accomplish at work or at home. For a quick look at all you need to accomplish for the day, you can summon the My Day tool and see your itinerary and goals at a glance without having to open the whole Entourage program window.

In this chapter, you learn how to use the Tasks tool to organize all kinds of tasks and other to-do things you need to keep track of and complete. You also learn how to use the Notes tool to quickly jot down notes you want to hold onto. This chapter also shows you how to manage large ...

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