Chapter 30. Adding Graphics


  • Adding clip art objects

  • Inserting pictures

  • Drawing shapes of all kinds

  • Adding WordArt objects

  • Inserting text boxes

  • Formatting graphic objects

Now for some graphic talk. Just to keep things simple, think of the term graphics as meaning anything related to visual elements you add to your Office files. As such, this opens a whole wide world of possibilities, everything from simple shapes you draw in a worksheet to pre-drawn artwork you add to a Word document. Historically, the term graphics pertains to the art of drawing and printmaking. In the electronic realm, graphic objects include clip art, photographs, pictures, shapes, diagrams, and even text boxes—specialized boxes for holding text.

Although we've covered adding graphics in several places throughout the book so far, this chapter pulls all the how-to information into one spot. The various graphics features are available across the Office applications, so after you learn how to use a feature in one program, you can easily apply the same steps and commands in another program. As you can probably guess, graphics are not quite so important to Entourage as they are to the other Office programs. However, you can use a few graphics features in Entourage to add photos to your e-mail messages, for example. By and large, you'll mostly find yourself using graphics in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

When you insert a graphic object, such as clip art or a shape, you can move it around, copy it, resize it, ...

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