Chapter 34. Customizing Office


  • Using program Preferences to customize Office

  • Customizing toolbars

  • Customizing menus

  • Reassigning keyboard shortcut keys

You can customize Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac to suit the way you work. Whether you're using Office at home, at work, or on the road, you can tailor the program settings to help you work more smoothly and efficiently. Most Office users never take advantage of the customizing options available and end up never discovering the hidden facets of tailoring the programs to make the most of their power and features. Lucky you, this chapter is about to show you how you can find all the options and settings you need to make Office work for you rather than you working with Office.

In this chapter, you learn about each program's preferences and see exactly what's available. You also learn how to customize toolbars and menus, and how to create your own toolbars and menus to use. We also briefly cover how to reassign the keyboard shortcut keys.

Setting Program Preferences

Within each Office program, there's a behind-the-scenes command center for controlling how the program behaves. That command center is the Preferences dialog box. Depending on the program, the contents of the Preferences dialog box vary in options and appearance. For example, in Word, you find preferences for setting how you want data saved or how you want the spelling and grammar checker to behave. In Excel, you find settings for controlling the number of sheets in ...

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