Microsoft Office 2010 On Demand

Book description

Microsoft Office 2010 On Demand is the perfect hands-on guide for every advanced beginner-to-intermediate-level user who wants to make the most of the new Office 2010! Like every On Demand book, it teaches visually, using an easy, friendly, full-color format designed to "show how," instead of "telling how." But that's not all. This book: " Combines step-by-step training with quick-reference material you can rely on long after you've mastered core skills " Provides easy-to-follow task-based coverage, in which most tasks are only one or two pages " Provides additional end-of-chapter workshops and online resources for readers who prefer to learn through hands-on projects " Contains practical troubleshooting help " Presents a detailed list of new features, indexed to where they are covered Covering everything needed to pass the new MCAS and MCAP exams, this book offers tightly focused coverage of Office 2010's core features and techniques, and powerful new enhancements such as: " The updated customizable Ribbon and new Backstage full-screen options menu " Vastly improved image and illustration tools " Live Preview for tasks like Paste, Insert, or Theme change " Improved integration with SharePoint services, Windows Live, and Office Web Apps Simply put, no other book offers Office 2010 users this much simplicity, usable content, flexibility, and value.

  • Less reading, more learning! Quick-reference plus complete step-by-step training in an easy full-color format

  • Includes bonus online workshop content for hands-on learners

  • Covers the hottest new features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher

  • Covers all material needed to pass the MCAS/MCAP Office 2010 exams!

  • Product information

    • Title: Microsoft Office 2010 On Demand
    • Author(s): Steve Johnson - Perspection Inc.
    • Release date: June 2010
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780132491686