Appendix B. Optimizing Your Office Installation

For many users, Office 2010 may already be installed on a company computer or pre-installed on a new system. Even if one of those situations applies to you, you may still need to adjust your Office installation at some point.

Using the Setup Disc

Many of the installation and repair tasks start with inserting the Microsoft Office 2010 disc into your CD/DVD drive. In most cases, the setup program launches automatically. If it doesn't, open a folder window for the drive on the desktop and double-click the setup.exe file. If you downloaded the program, navigate to the folder where you saved the setup.exe file and launch it from there. If you are setting up Office for the first time, follow the onscreen prompts, entering your 25-character Product Key when prompted. Most users choose a typical install and install to the default location recommended by setup.

Activating Microsoft Office

One crucial action in keeping Office running well is to activate your Office installation. Microsoft requires activation as part of its system to verify users of properly acquired Office programs versus those who may have obtained the suite fraudulently.

When you start an Office application the first time, you will be prompted to activate your installation. If you decline to activate the software, ...

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