Chapter 3. Mastering Fundamental Operations

Years ago, computer program developers began to standardize commands and functions, even in programs with significantly different purposes. Microsoft's Office suite was a pioneer in meeting the needs of users by standardizing names for menus and commands and by placing familiar tools in all of their applications. This chapter discusses features, commands, and tasks that many of the Microsoft Office 2010 applications have in common.

Working with Files

Computer files are part of a framework for managing data created and stored on a computer. When you create information in a program, such as a letter, you save that information in a file and assign the file a memorable name. When you want to work with the file at a later time, you can identify the file by its name and subsequently open the file in the program. Although the ins and outs of creating and using files can differ among Office programs, after you have learned to work with files in one Office application, you should be able to work with files in any other Office application. The skills you learn next will come in handy when you need to work ...

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