Chapter 9. Tables and Graphics

Tables are one of Word's most powerful and useful tools. They're extremely flexible and easy to create and manipulate, both directly and via the Ribbon. Thanks to a gaggle of galleries, it's easy to create professional-looking tables quickly and with minimal effort. Live Preview comes to life when it comes to working with tables.

This chapter won't help you decide whether to include pictures. It won't tell you what pictures to use. It will, however, show you where to find pictures if you don't have any, how to insert pictures and other graphics, how to work with pictures once they're in your document, and how to negotiate the precarious relationship between pictures and text.

So, pull up a chair!

Quick Start

The quickest way to create a table in Word is to use one that already exists. It might not be exactly what you want, but it often will be closer to what you want than if you create one from scratch. It helps if you can see a picture, of course, and Word 2010 includes many images of tables. From the Insert tab on the Ribbon, choose Table

Quick Start

Figure 9.1. The Quick Tables ...

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