Chapter 31. Introducing Publisher

Desktop publishing made creating printed publications easier and faster but for years it remained the bailiwick of graphic art and design superheroes. The software was expensive and difficult to master and provided little in the way of design help for mere mortals.

Microsoft Publisher was one of the first programs to make publication design affordable and doable for Joe Blow and Jill Blow computer users. From its first version, Publisher offered an easy layout, simple tools, a variety of styles and graphics, and attractive templates for publication designs. This chapter shows you how to use Publisher 2010 to choose a publication template and add text and graphics to complete a publication.

The Publisher Workspace

The 2010 version of Publisher now features the Ribbon interface added in the core Office applications in its 2007 incarnation. Even if you've used Publisher previously, reading this chapter and the next will help you become familiar with the new 2010 version.

Each time you start Publisher, the program prompts you to create a new publication file by selecting a template. You can either create a new publication as described in the next section, click ...

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