Chapter 38. Keeping Information at Hand with OneNote

One of the challenges in managing any project is how to bring together all the information so that it's at your fingertips. This typically includes notes, tracking tasks, creating data files, looking at Web information, and handling other activities in different programs. Storing all the files or having many open program windows onscreen has never been a satisfactory way to manage your project's information. Microsoft OneNote 2010 provides that elusive solution, enabling you to bring together notes and other types of information in an accessible way. If you're ready to see how you can be better organized and more effective at anything you do, read this chapter and learn how to use OneNote.

Who Needs OneNote and Why

OneNote is designed to function as a digital three-ring binder. With a three-ring binder, you can add and rearrange pages, write on pages, paste clipped articles on a page, or even punch holes in a magazine or report page to add it to the binder. You also can add plastic sleeves that expand the notebook's versatility, enabling you to include non-paper materials in the notebook.

OneNote brings the same type of versatility to tracking all sorts of digital information in a centralized ...

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