Chapter 39. SharePoint and SkyDrive

SharePoint Server is a program that helps businesses share access to files and information in a variety of ways. In essence, SharePoint is a special kind of website that provides controlled access to folders, documents, contact information, scheduling, and other resources related to documents and workflow management.

SharePoint Server works as a server that can be installed on your own company's computers. A server is a computer or computer program that provides services to client programs. Servers usually are connected to a network—such as the Internet or a local area network (LAN)—and are available to respond to client applications, such as your Web browser, Microsoft Outlook, and even Microsoft Word. For example, websites are located on servers, and they respond to your browser requests to display information. When you send or receive e-mail, different kinds of server programs are used to deliver e-mail between you and your correspondents.

If you or your company doesn't have its own servers connected to the Internet, you can purchase SharePoint hosting services, just as you can purchase a hosting plan for other websites and services. Increasingly, the same companies that provide ordinary ...

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