Chapter 40. SharePoint Workspace

The SharePoint Workspace 2010 application is collaborative software that provides local access to documents stored or shared using SharePoint and Shared Folders. SharePoint Workspace replaces the Groove client from Office 2007. To a certain extent, it also replaces SharePoint Workspace and document-management functions that were built into previous versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It provides a third sharing mechanism, Shared Folders, which allows you to share folders among your own computers as well as with friends and colleagues.

Just when you thought integration was king, features integrated into Office get farmed out to another client application altogether. Rather than dwelling on that, let's just dive in and start using SharePoint Workspace. Please note that this book is called The Office 2010 Bible—not The SharePoint Workspace 2010 Bible. For that reason, I cover only the basics dealing with gaining access to documents—enough to whet your appetite, perhaps, or maybe just enough so you can determine whether the SharePoint Workspace client application has anything to offer you. For the calendar, discussions, and other features, consult the Help file or a detailed book about SharePoint Workspace 2010.

First, some definitions are in order. To begin ...

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