Chapter 41. Integration with Other Office Applications

In some ways, using Office 2010 is like using a single multipurpose program. Things mesh together almost seamlessly. For example, when you insert a chart into a Word 2010 document, the process starts Excel 2010, almost as if Excel were an extension of Word.

Although integration is now better than ever for many things you do in Office 2010, there are times when you really wonder if the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. For example, when copying cells from an Excel spreadsheet into a Word table, you might wonder why the default action would be Nest Table (which might, for example, paste a 10 × 10 selection into a single Word table cell).

In this chapter, you explore the ways in which OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook communicate with Word. Some things are perfectly intuitive, and others aren't. The casual PowerPoint user might never stumble on how to send outlines back and forth with Word. Do you ever wonder about the array of different picture options when copying images between Word and other programs? Which format should you use, and what are the consequences of using this one or that? How can pasting a 40K picture into a Word file add 900K to its size? In this chapter, the focus is on the less intuitive, ...

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