Microsoft Office 365 Administration Inside Out (Includes Current Book Service), Second Edition

Book description

Conquer Microsoft Office 365 Administration–from the inside out!

Dive into Microsoft Office 365 Administration–and really put your Office 365 expertise to work. This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, tips, and workarounds–all you need to plan, implement, and operate Microsoft Office 365 in any environment. In this completely revamped Second Edition, a new author team thoroughly reviews the administration tools and capabilities available in the latest versions of Microsoft Office 365, and also adds extensive new coverage of Azure cloud services and SharePoint. Discover how experts tackle today’s essential tasks–and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery.

  • Install, customize, and use Office 365’s portal, dashboard, and admin centers

  • Make optimal decisions about tenancy, licensing, infrastructure, and hybrid options

  • Prepare your environment for the cloud

  • Manage Office 365 identity and access via federation services, password and directory synchronization, authentication, and AAD Connect

  • Implement alerts and threat management in the Security & Compliance Center

  • Establish Office 365 data classifications, loss prevention plans, and governance

  • Prepare your on-premises environment to connect with Exchange Online

  • Manage resource types, billing and licensing, service health reporting, and support

  • Move mailboxes to Exchange Online via cutover, staged, and express migrations

  • Establish hybrid environments with the Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard

  • Administer Exchange Online, from recipients and transport to malware filtering

  • Understand, plan, and deploy Skype for Business Online

Current Book Service
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Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. Who this book is for
    2. Book features & conventions
    3. Current Book Service
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Support and feedback
  6. Part I: Planning, Preparing and Deploying Office 365
    1. Chapter 1. Office 365 deployment milestones
      1. Deciding on a tenant: What’s in a name
      2. Where to see your tenant name
      3. Selecting your licenses
      4. Delegating access to your tenant
      5. Should you deploy hybrid?
      6. Is your Exchange environment ready?
      7. Is your directory ready?
      8. Are your users ready?
      9. Syncing your users and moving services
    2. Chapter 2. Preparing your environment for the cloud
      1. Setting up your subscription
      2. Assigning administrators
      3. Configuring DNS, firewalls, and proxy servers
      4. Preparing your directories
      5. Updating and installing client software
      6. Synchronizing your users
      7. Configuring federation
  7. Part II: Office 365 Identity and Access
    1. Chapter 3. Federation services and authentication
      1. Understanding the different types of identities
      2. User authentication
    2. Chapter 4. Directory synchronization basics
      1. Directory structure
      2. Data uniqueness
      3. Understanding directory synchronization
    3. Chapter 5. Installing Azure AD Connect
      1. The custom and express installation experience
      2. Selecting your authentication method
      3. Connecting to your directories
      4. The UserPrincipalName and SourceAnchor attributes
      5. Uniquely identifying your users
      6. Filtering users and devices
      7. Optional features
  8. Part III: Inside the Office 365 Admin Portal
    1. Chapter 6. The Office 365 portal, dashboard, and admin centers
      1. Setting up your Office 365 subscription
      2. Getting started in the Office 365 portal
      3. The admin center
      4. Service admin centers
    2. Chapter 7. Inside the Security & Compliance Center: Alerting, threat management, and reporting
      1. Alerts
      2. Permissions
      3. Threat management
      4. Reports
      5. Service assurance
    3. Chapter 8. Inside the Security & Compliance Center: Data classifications, loss prevention, governance, and discovery
      1. Classifications
      2. Data loss prevention
      3. Data governance
      4. Search & Investigation
    4. Chapter 9. Office 365 service health reporting and support
      1. Admin roles for service health
      2. Service Health dashboard
      3. Status page (
      4. Office 365 mobile app
      5. System Center Operations Manager management pack for Office 365
  9. Part IV: Exchange Online Configuration and Management
    1. Chapter 10. Preparing an on-premises environment to connect to Exchange Online
      1. Exchange Online deployment concepts
      2. Planning considerations
      3. Additional tools
    2. Chapter 11. Understanding the Office 365 resource types
      1. Azure Active Directory
      2. Exchange Online
    3. Chapter 12. Mailbox Migration Types
      1. Migration decision process and key concepts
      2. Cutover Exchange migrations
      3. Staged Exchange migrations
      4. Express migrations
      5. Migration performance
    4. Chapter 13. Exchange Online hybrid
      1. Overview of Exchange Online hybrid features
      2. Planning
      3. Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard
      4. Moving mailboxes to or from Exchange Online
      5. Public folders
      6. Mailbox provisioning
      7. Decommissioning the hybrid environment
    5. Chapter 14. Managing Exchange Online
      1. Exchange Admin Center
      2. Recipient management
      3. Transport
      4. Spam and malware filtering
      5. Compliance and reporting
      6. Organization management
      7. Hybrid management
  10. Part V: Skype for Business Online
    1. Chapter 15. Skype for Business Online Concepts and Planning
      1. What is Skype for Business Online?
      2. Understanding the protocols
      3. SIP addresses
      4. Network requirements
      5. Licensing and client types
      6. Skype policies
      7. Authentication
      8. What about Teams?
    2. Chapter 16. Deploying and administering Skype for Business Online
      1. Configuring Skype for Business Online
      2. Piloting Skype for Business Online
      3. Deploying the Skype for Business Client
      4. Mobile clients
      5. Managing the client
      6. Logging on
      7. Deploying Skype for Business Online
      8. Administering Skype for Business Online
      9. Integration with on-premises Skype
  11. Part VI: SharePoint Online
    1. Chapter 17. SharePoint Online
      1. SharePoint Online concepts
      2. SharePoint Online capacities
      3. SharePoint Online features
      4. SharePoint Online hybrid
      5. SharePoint Online management
    2. Chapter 18. SharePoint Online Hybrid
      1. Planning
      2. Configuration
    3. Chapter 19. OneDrive for Business
      1. Accessing OneDrive for Business
      2. Collaborating with OneDrive for Business
      3. Deploying OneDrive for Business to your users
      4. Troubleshooting
    4. Chapter 20. Yammer
      1. Concepts and administration
      2. Yammer configuration
      3. Directory synchronization with Yammer
  12. Index
  13. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Office 365 Administration Inside Out (Includes Current Book Service), Second Edition
  • Author(s): Darryl Kegg, Aaron Guilmette, Lou Mandich, Ed Fisher
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9781509306565