Adding a PivotChart to a Report

You can now design a form in PivotChart view to graphically display monthly revenue data. Note that a report doesn’t have a PivotChart or PivotTable view, but it is perfectly legal to embed a form into a report as a subreport. (But you cannot embed a report in a form as a subform.)

Designing the PivotChart Form

When you built the subreport for the Facility Revenue report, you used a simple query on the tblReservations table. For the chart, you need to include the name of the facility—the ID won’t make much sense in the legend for the chart. In the sample database, you can find a query named qryXmplChtFacilityRevenue that includes both the tblFacilities and the tblReservations tables. The fields in the query are FacilityID ...

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