Converting from a Previous Release of Access

Access 2007 (version 12 of Access) can work with the data and tables in a database file created by Access version 2, version 7 (Access for Windows 95), version 8 (Access 97), version 9 (Access 2000), version 10 (Access 2002), and version 11 (Access 2003). For version 2, you can only import the tables and queries in the old database into a new database that you create using Access 2007. Depending on the complexity of the application, you might be able to open and run a version 7 or version 8 database application with version 12, but you won’t be able to modify any of the objects in the database. You can open a version 9, version 10, or version 11 database with version 12 and modify any of the objects ...

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