Creating a PivotTable

You can create PivotTables from four kinds of data:

  • An Excel list

  • An external data source

  • Multiple "consolidation" ranges (separate Excel lists that the PivotTable And Pivot-Chart Report command will consolidate as it builds your PivotTable)

  • Another PivotTable

In the example that follows, we'll create a PivotTable from the Excel list shown in Figure 30-1. For information about creating a PivotTable from an external data source, see "Creating a PivotTable from External Data". For information about creating a PivotTable from multiple consolidation ranges, see "Using a PivotTable to Consolidate Ranges". For information about basing one PivotTable on another, see "Building a PivotTable from an Existing PivotTable".

Starting the PivotTable ...

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