Zooming In or Out on a Worksheet

If you are not satisfied with how much of your worksheet you can see, you can make the worksheet larger or smaller without changing the window size. When you zoom out on a worksheet, you can see the overall layout, but it might be difficult to read the data in individual cells. To get a better look at the data in your cells, you can zoom in on your worksheet.

Zoom In or Out

  • Click the Zoom In control to make your window’s contents 10 percent larger per click.

  • Click the Zoom Out control to make your window’s contents 10 percent smaller per click.

  • Drag the Zoom slider control, shown in the figure, to the left to zoom out, or to the right to zoom in.

Zoom In or Out to a Custom Zoom Level

  1. Click the View tab.

  2. Click Zoom. ...

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