Chapter 12. Time and Time Functions

  • How do I enter times into Excel?

  • How do I enter a time and date in the same cell?

  • How does Excel do computations with times?

  • How can I have my worksheet always display the current time?

  • How can I use the TIME function to create times?

  • How can I use the TIMEVALUE function to convert a text string to a time?

  • How do I extract the hour, minute, or second from a given time?

  • Given work starting and ending times, how do I determine the number of hours an employee worked?

  • I added up the total time an employee worked and I never get more than 24 hours. What did I do wrong?

  • How can I easily create a sequence of regularly spaced time intervals?

Recall from Chapter 6, that Microsoft Office Excel 2007 gives a date of January 1, 1900 ...

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