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Microsoft Office for iPad: An Essential Guide to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive

Book Description

The long-awaited version of Microsoft Office for the iPad gives Office users the opportunity to use Excel, PowerPoint, and Word on their Apple tablet. In this practical, no fluff guide, author Tom Negrino gets straight to point, showing users how to get the most out of the Office apps on an iPad. Assuming you have some existing knowledge of the desktop Office apps this book focuses on maximizing your productivity on the new iPad version.

After showing how to install the Office apps on your iOS and desktop devices, Tom covers how to set up OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud services for uploading and syncing files across devices. Tom then moves on to showing you how to accomplish the most common Office tasks on the iPad, including how to create and edit documents with the touch interface. Tom also covers how to use the popular OneNote on the iPad.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. About the Author
  5. Special Thanks to:
  6. Contents
  7. Getting Started
    1. Chapter 1. Understanding Office 365
      1. Using Office 365
      2. Subscribing to Office 365
      3. Understanding Office 365 components
      4. Adding people to your Office 365 account
      5. Storing Documents On and Off the Cloud
      6. Using the Correct File Formats
    2. Chapter 2. Installing Software on Mobile Devices and Your Desktop
      1. Mobile Device Setup
        1. Downloading the Office apps
        2. Signing in to your account
      2. Desktop Setup
        1. Installing Windows software
        2. Installing Mac software
    3. Chapter 3. Setting Up OneDrive
      1. Setting up OneDrive on Your iPad
      2. Installing OneDrive on Desktop Machines
        1. Mac installation
        2. Windows installation
      3. Running OneDrive for the First Time
      4. Understanding OneDrive Folders
  8. Managing Documents
    1. Chapter 4. Beginning with the Office Apps
      1. Creating New Documents
      2. Saving and Naming Documents
      3. Opening Documents
        1. Pinning documents
        2. Managing recent documents
      4. Sharing Documents
      5. Printing Documents
      6. Introducing the Office for iPad Interface
    2. Chapter 5. Working with Templates
      1. Creating Documents from the Built-In Templates
      2. Importing Templates from Desktop Versions of Office
        1. Importing templates from Office 2013 in Windows
        2. Importing templates from Office 2011 for Mac
      3. Importing Templates from Office Online
        1. Duplicating saved documents
        2. Saving Office Online templates with the desktop versions of Office
    3. Chapter 6. Using the OneDrive App
      1. Introducing the OneDrive App
        1. Signing in to the OneDrive app
        2. Touring the OneDrive app
      2. Working with Folders
        1. Creating folders
        2. Renaming folders
        3. Deleting and moving folders
      3. Working with Files
        1. Viewing and opening Office files
        2. Viewing and opening other files
        3. Renaming files
        4. Deleting and moving files
      4. Sharing Files and Folders
        1. Sharing folders
        2. Sharing files
      5. Refreshing Folders and Files
      6. Using the Other Tabs
      7. Using Settings
    4. Chapter 7. Editing Documents with Office Online
      1. Using Office Online
      2. Creating a New Office Online Document
      3. Managing Office Online Documents
        1. Opening documents
        2. Renaming and printing documents
        3. Sharing documents
        4. Editing documents
        5. Accessing earlier versions of documents
      4. Sharing Your Office Online Documents
        1. Sharing via email
        2. Sharing with a link on social media
        3. Sharing by embedding a document in a Web page
      5. Managing Applications and Services
  9. Working with Word
    1. Chapter 8. Working with Text
      1. Adding Text
        1. Entering and editing text
        2. Styling text
      2. Working with Lists
      3. Finding and Replacing Text
      4. Getting Word Counts
    2. Chapter 9. Formatting and Collaboration
      1. Working with the Ruler
        1. Using the Ruler to set indents
        2. Using the Ruler to set tabs
      2. Working with Headers and Footers
      3. Inserting Page Numbers
      4. Document Markup and Review
        1. Working with comments
        2. Tracking changes
    3. Chapter 10. Changing Document Layout
      1. Working with Margins
      2. Changing Your Virtual Paper
      3. Adding Page and Section Breaks
      4. Adding Columns
  10. Using Excel
    1. Chapter 11. Working with Worksheets
      1. Getting Started with Excel
      2. Selecting and Entering Data
        1. Entering data
        2. Filling data
      3. Working with Rows and Columns
        1. Selecting rows and columns
        2. Inserting rows and columns
      4. Freezing Panes
    2. Chapter 12. Working with Worksheet Data
      1. Formatting Worksheet Items
        1. Formatting appearance
        2. Formatting number values
        3. Copying formats
      2. Building Formulas
      3. Using the Formula Bar
      4. Linking Worksheets
    3. Chapter 13. Building Charts
      1. Creating Charts
      2. Formatting Chart Styles
      3. Applying Chart Layouts
      4. Switching Chart Axes
  11. Making Presentations with Powerpoint
    1. Chapter 14. Building Presentations
      1. Importing Existing Presentations
        1. Watch for pitfalls
        2. Fix problems
      2. Creating Presentations on iPad
    2. Chapter 15. Working with Slides
      1. Modifying Slides
        1. Changing slide order
        2. Duplicating slides
        3. Hiding slides
        4. Deleting slides
      2. Working with Text
        1. Styling text
        2. Copying styles
        3. Inserting text boxes
      3. Adding Tables
      4. Adding Images
      5. Creating Shapes
    3. Chapter 16. Adding Transitions and Presenting
      1. Add Slide Transitions
      2. Preflight Your Show
      3. Give the Presentation
        1. Preparing to present
        2. Making the hardware connection
      4. Control the Presentation
        1. Playing the presentation
        2. Marking up a slide
  12. Getting Organized with Onenote
    1. Chapter 17. Working with OneNote
      1. Understanding OneNote
      2. Capturing Notes
        1. Capturing image notes
        2. Inserting tables
        3. Inserting to-do lists
      3. Styling Text Notes
      4. Sharing from OneNote
    2. Chapter 18. Organizing Your Notes
      1. Working with Notebooks
      2. Working with Sections
      3. Working with Pages
      4. Finding Notes
  13. Index