Microsoft® Office Groove® 2007 Step by Step

Book description

Experience learning made easy quickly learn how to use Office Groove 2007 to dynamically and effectively collaborate with team members. Work at your own pace through the easy numbered steps, practice files on CD, helpful hints, and troubleshooting tips and learn how to work better together. You ll learn the basics for getting started, including how to manage your Groove 2007 accounts and contacts and how to create new workspaces. After you re up and running, you'll discover the communication features of Groove 2007, and see the benefits of tight integration with Office Communicator and Windows LiveTM Messenger. You ll learn how to manage your messages and chat in real time, and how to manage your appointments and notes. With STEP BY STEP, you can take just the lessons you need or work from cover to cover. Either way, you drive the instruction, building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! Includes an easy-search companion CD with hands-on practice files, a complete eBook, a bonus quick reference to the new user interface, and more!

Key Book Benefits

Learn how to use Office Groove 2007 by taking just the lessons you need or by working from cover to cover you set the pace

Includes coverage of the fundamentals, including setting up workspaces, managing your communications, and managing meetings and notes

Features easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on, skill-building exercises

Includes a companion CD with practice files and other resources

Table of contents

  1. Microsoft® Office Groove® 2007 Step by Step
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    2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
    3. Introducing Groove 2007
      1. Groove Basics
      2. Let’s Get Started
    4. Information for Readers Running Windows XP
      1. Managing the Practice Files
      2. Using the Start Menu
      3. Navigating Dialog Boxes
    5. Features and Conventions of This Book
    6. Using the Book’s CD
      1. What’s on the CD?
      2. Minimum System Requirements
      3. Installing the Practice Files
      4. Using the Practice Files
      5. Removing the Practice Files
    7. Getting Help
      1. Getting Help with This Book and Its CD
      2. Getting Help with Groove
      3. More Information
    8. 1. Getting Started with Groove
      1. Understanding What Groove Is
      2. Benefiting from Using the Collaboration Tools Available in Groove
      3. Integrating Groove with Other Collaboration Software
      4. Working with Groove (At a Glance)
      5. Creating a Groove Account
      6. Logging On To and Off From Your Groove Account
      7. Working with the Groove Launchbar
      8. Using Your Groove Account on a Second Computer
      9. Setting Account Preferences
      10. Key Points
    9. 2. Setting Up a Standard Workspace
      1. Creating a Standard Workspace
      2. Sending and Accepting Workspace Invitations
      3. Working in the Workspace Members Pane
      4. Changing the Role of a Workspace Member
      5. Changing Permissions Assigned to a Workspace Role
      6. Exploring a Groove Workspace
      7. Adding Files to the Files Tool
      8. Adding a Tool to a Standard Workspace
      9. Key Points
    10. 3. Managing Your Groove Contacts
      1. Adding New Contacts
      2. Working with Identities
      3. Setting Online Presence Preferences
      4. Listing Yourself in Directories
      5. Sending Contact Information to Other People
      6. Key Points
    11. 4. Keeping Your Contacts Organized
      1. Organizing Contacts in Folders
      2. Changing the Contacts Tab View
      3. Deleting Contacts
      4. Working with the Contact Manager
      5. Key Points
    12. 5. Managing Workspace Communications and Alerts
      1. Viewing Communications by Workspace and by Activity
      2. Pausing and Resuming Communications
      3. Responding to Alerts
      4. Setting Preferences for Alerts
      5. Setting Alerts for Workspaces
      6. Setting Alerts for Workspace Tools
      7. Setting Alerts for Folders and Files
      8. Key Points
    13. 6. Sending Instant Messages and Chatting
      1. Working with Communicator or Windows Messenger Contacts in Groove
      2. Sending an Instant Message
      3. Displaying and Replying to an Instant Message
      4. Working with Your Instant Message History
      5. Chatting with Workspace Members
      6. Using the Chat Tool’s Text Editor
      7. Using Ink Features in the Chat Tool
      8. Using Audio Chat
      9. Key Points
    14. 7. Managing and Sharing Files
      1. Adding Folders and Files to the Files Tool
      2. Working with Files in the Files Tool
      3. Opening, Editing, and Saving a File in the Files Tool
      4. Specifying Download Settings for a Folder
      5. Setting Permissions in the Files Tool
      6. Specifying Alert Settings for Folders and Files
      7. Creating a File Sharing Workspace
        1. Creating a File Sharing Workspace in Windows
        2. Creating a File Sharing Workspace from the Launchbar
      8. Downloading Files in a File Sharing Workspace
      9. Changing Roles and Permissions for a File Sharing Workspace
      10. Setting Properties for a File Sharing Workspace
      11. Key Points
    15. 8. Managing Appointments and Meetings
      1. Creating Appointments
      2. Viewing Appointments
      3. Linking to an Appointment or a Calendar
      4. Exporting and Importing Appointments
      5. Setting Permissions for the Calendar Tool
      6. Setting Up a Meeting
      7. Specifying Meeting Attendees
      8. Creating an Agenda and Taking Minutes
        1. Creating a Meeting Agenda
        2. Taking Meeting Minutes
      9. Assigning Action Items
      10. Key Points
    16. 9. Managing Notes, Issues, and Discussions
      1. Adding and Viewing Note Pages
      2. Finding Text in a Note Page
      3. Exporting a Note Page
      4. Recording an Issue
        1. Entering an Issue
        2. Recording the Current Status of an Issue
      5. Entering an Issue Response
      6. Creating Keywords for Issues
      7. Viewing Issues
      8. Searching for Information in Issues
      9. Adding a Discussion Topic
      10. Responding to a Discussion Topic
      11. Viewing Discussion Topics
      12. Searching Discussion Topics and Responses
      13. Key Points
    17. 10. Using Pictures and Drawings
      1. Adding Pictures to a Workspace
      2. Editing a Picture
      3. Managing Picture Files
      4. Creating a Basic Sketch
      5. Adding Color and a Background Image to a Sketch
      6. Formatting Text in a Sketch
      7. Key Points
    18. 11. Sharing Files Through a SharePoint Site
      1. Understanding the Differences Between Groove and SharePoint: What to Use and When
      2. Adding the SharePoint Files Tool to a Workspace
      3. Adding and Deleting Files in the SharePoint Files Tool
      4. Managing Files in the SharePoint Files Tool
      5. Setting the Synchronization Schedule
      6. Key Points
    19. 12. Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Securing Groove
      1. Viewing Diagnostic Information About a Contact
      2. Troubleshooting Communication and Data Transmission Problems
      3. Saving a Workspace as a Template
      4. Archiving a Workspace
      5. Deleting a Workspace
      6. Backing Up Your Groove Account
      7. Blocking Restricted File Types
      8. Setting Up Groove to Scan for Viruses
      9. Key Points
    20. Glossary
    21. A. About the Authors
      1. Rick Jewell
      2. John Pierce
      3. Barry Preppernau
    22. Index
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Product information

  • Title: Microsoft® Office Groove® 2007 Step by Step
  • Author(s): Rick Jewell, John Pierce, Barry Preppernau
  • Release date: January 2008
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735625235