Chapter 4. Designing Your Site


  • Get to know the Web tools.

  • Choose a theme and header style.

  • Work with colors and fonts.

  • Set page headers and footers.

  • Add text to your site.

  • Format and edit text.

  • Upload your images.

  • Add hyperlinks.

  • Add a logo to your site.

  • Add pages.

  • Select a navigation style.

  • Add keyword and description metatags.

  • Preview your site.

  • Organize site resources.

WHAT’S THE first thing you do now when you hear about new products or services that capture your interest? You look them up on the Web. Chances are, a well-ordered Web site, with professional images, a good color scheme, and well-written text (with no typos) makes a good impression. These folks seem to know what they’re doing, you think. And maybe you’ll click the ...

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