Chapter 17. Work from Anywhere with Outlook Web Access

In This Chapter

  • Logging in

  • Reading and sending e‐mail

  • Viewing and entering appointments

  • Organizing a meeting

  • Posting to public folders

Some jokers claim that WWW stands for World Wide Waste of time. Well, it's certainly easy to find Web pages devoted to goofing off, lollygagging, and just plain messing around, that's for sure! But one kind of Web page, called Outlook Web Access, can help you become super productive by giving you access to all your Outlook data from any Web‐connected computer. If you take advantage of Outlook Web Access to get your work done sooner, you'll have extra time to fritter away as you please.

Outlook Web Access is part of a program called Microsoft Exchange, which many large and not‐so‐large organizations run to power advanced Outlook features such as public folders, shared calendars, and assigned tasks. Not every company that uses Microsoft Exchange offers Outlook Web Access, but if yours does, you can log on to Outlook nearly anywhere: from a computer at your local public library, an Internet café, or any old photocopy parlor. There's nothing difficult about Outlook Web Access; it's really nothing more than a special Web page that looks and acts quite a bit like the version of Outlook you have on your desk. If your company uses an older version of Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Web Access will look different than what I show in this chapter, but the essential features should be the same.

The desktop version ...

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