Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 On Demand

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How to Use

•        Create powerful presentations faster using ready-made templates and Smart Tags

•        Organize information and add impact with clip art, SmartArt diagrams, tables, and charts

•        Make your presentation come alive with custom animations

•        Add narration, animation, 3-D effects, and movie

•        Add comments and e-mail your presentation to others for review and collaboration

•        Deliver your presentation in a meeting room on multiple screens

•        Use Groove and SharePoint Team Services to collaborate and share documents and information

•        Prepare for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exam.

•        Practice your new skills with the useful workshops inside

On the Web

This book uses real-world examples to give you a context in which to use the task. This book also includes  workshops to help you put together individual tasks into projects. The PowerPoint example files that you need for project tasks are available at

Perspection has written and produced books on a variety of computer software–including Microsoft Office 2003 and XP, Microsoft Windows XP, Apple Mac OS X Panther, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Macromedia Flash 8, Macromedia Director MX, and Macromedia Fireworks–and Web publishing. In 1991, after working for Apple Computer and Microsoft, Steve Johnson founded Perspection, Inc. Perspection is committed to providing information and training to help people use software more effectively. Perspection has written more than 80 computer books, and sold more than 5 million copies.

Includes MCAS Exam Objectives!

This courseware meets the objectives for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS). Upon completion of this courseware, you may be prepared to take the exam for MCAS qualification. To learn more about becoming a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist, visit

Chapter 1    Getting Started with PowerPoint          1

Chapter 2    Developing Presentation Content         31

Chapter 3    Designing a Look    73

Chapter 4    Drawing and Modifying Shapes   105

Chapter 5    Inserting Pictures and Multimedia         151

Chapter 6    Inserting Charts and Related Material   189

Chapter 7    Creating a Web Presentation      243

Chapter 8    Finalizing a Presentation and Its Supplements          267

Chapter 9    Preparing a Slide Show     299

Chapter 10  Starting a Slide Show       321

Chapter 11  Reviewing and Securing a Presentation          335

Chapter 12  Working Together on Office Documents        363

Chapter 13  Customizing the Way You Work 391

Chapter 14  Expanding PowerPoint Functionality     401

W       Workshops: Putting It All Together      425

New Features        439

Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist       444

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 On Demand
  • Author(s): Steve Johnson - Perspection, Inc.
  • Release date: December 2006
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 0789736438