Chapter 3. Add Impact with Graphics

You can enhance the effectiveness of your presentations when you use graphics to help communicate your message. For example, PowerPoint 2007’s new SmartArt graphics can help you display complex data in an easy to understand visual format. Similarly, you can put content from your scanner to work for you by inserting photos, drawings, and documents into your presentations. For example, if you have a printed photograph you would like to include on a slide, PowerPoint communicates directly with your scanner to scan the photograph and then insert it into your presentation.

After your images or graphics are in your presentations, you can learn how to add effects to get them noticed. You can add colorful borders to make the images stand out, and you can crop photos so that only the most important parts are included in your slides.

If you have ever wondered how to make an image with a white background blend in on a slide with a color background, you can use the Set Transparent Color tool to make it work. You can also add clarity to your presentation by adding text to AutoShapes or enhancing AutoShapes with three-dimensional effects. You can even learn how to compress graphics to manage the size of presentations and make them load more quickly.

You can create a Photo Album that displays a collection of images or photographs in one of many available styles. Photo Album presentations are professionally formatted and save you time because, after selecting which ...

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